SoupSwap Docs

DEX (soon)

SoupSwap DEX
SoupSwap AMM DEX is designed to provide users with a world of tools and unique functions, insights, and data analytics helping investors trade in decentralized networks. It can primarily be dubbed the Defi hub since it provides functions that assist many Defi platforms and speeds up exchanges.
This DEX puts everything in one spot; thus, it’s easy for an investor to explore, see the history, etc., of an asset or the market with just one click. Additionally, an investor quickly makes their strategy, anticipates possible market dumps, etc.

How Does It Work?

SoupSwap AMM DEX is designed with ultimate simplicity to allow users to access the services.
Besides, SoupSwap AMM DEX is a storage tool. It allows users to store data and access it from many different devices. Multi-device access helps ease the hassle of having to transfer data and boosts the reliability of the network.