SoupSwap Docs


SPW Information
SPW token is the native token of SoupSwap protocol.
Holding SPW tokens means holding a part in the management of the protocol. All SPW token holders can decide the next chains to implement SoupSwap, the amount of SPW to distribute to the LPs in the new chain, the new token project SoupSwap will support.
Tokens as the Soul of the Project: Value and Growth.
In our opinion, a crypto project without a solid and sustainable token would be "soulless", because tokens serve two important main functions: contributing value and encourage growth.
SoupSwap team has been designing future token economy models.
We will run highly cost-effective incentive programs and initiatives to help facilitate and ensure the continued growth of the SoupSwap platform and the SoupSwap community. In the meantime, the SPW token will be the ideal vehicle to capture and represent the value of SoupSwap's economy and ecosystem, and the collective value of the platform will be shared equally. A fair and generous way to our loyal supporters.
Contract Address: 0x604d105f2f1f68641a000f03b5dc557bfffdb8fe
Token Name: SoupSwap
Icon: SPW
Decimal: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Platform: BEP-20
Total Supply: 98,000,000 SPW