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Soup Venture (soon)

Soup Venture, Co-found & Co-create with Founders, Builders and Investors to Turn the Best Ideas into Disruptive, Market-Defining Products.
Soup Venture is created by SoupSwap Team with the mission of funding and supporting promising decentralized platforms through an involved community of investors, builders, and early adopters.


The world is increasingly realizing the power of decentralized networks. We see a massive opportunity to apply these benefits of accessibility, composability and fund management arena in a way that's never been done before.
We approach these opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective because at our core, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand what founders and developers worry about. Accumulating experience and knowledge, Soup Venture was established to support DeFi ecosystem builders on their challenging journey and support projects towards mass adoption.
Soup Venture will become the largest community of investors, builders, and early adopters with the shared goal of supporting, investing in, and accelerating promising platforms.


Our goal is to accelerate the success of our portfolio companies by:
  • Invest in developers of DeFi protocols and applications on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and other platforms;
  • Provide resources and comprehensive support;
  • Connect the project with our network in the technology ecosystem to create opportunities to scale the team and grow the business;
  • Direct financial capital financing.

Our Investments

Soup Venture consists of two main categories:
1. Invest in the DeFi SoupSwap Ecosystem
2. Invest in start-up Defi Plans

Participation Policy For Angel Investors & VIP Holders

Level to Participate

💵 $100,000 Minimum


✔️ Hold the SPW asset token equivalent to the participating amount
✔️ Ensure the participating amount is not lost and redeem the SPW asset token at the original price.
✔️ Ensure profit of 42% per year on the amount of participation.
✔️ Have the chance to participate in pre-sales of startup projects invested by Soup Venture
✔️ Get the right to vote with the platforms of the Soupswap ecosystem.