SoupSwap Docs

Leader Country

With a community-oriented goal, SoupSwap wants to reach more people, more countries and make DeFi popular for the whole world.
SoupSwap Leader Country is the bridge between SoupSwap and the people of their country.
In his own language, Leader Country will help people, who are interested in cryptocurrencies in general and SoupSwap in particular, understand in a comprehensive and specific way.


· Be the face of SoupSwap in your country
· Organize webinar meetings or conferences in your country
· Skills and Other Requirements
· Crypto enthusiast
· Great passion for SoupSwap
· Available at least 30 hours a week
· Good relationships with authorities and people of the country


· Receive exclusive SoupSwap limited edition swags
· Opportunity to become a SoupSwap Ambassador should you be interested
· Earn monthly salary
Join us, for a crypto world no longer limited by languages and borders