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Staking V2
Staking V1: Stake SPW - GET SPW
Staking V2 : Stake SPW - GET BNB

Profit & Time

Staking V2 Rate


1. Log in to your SoupSwap account and click [Staking V2]
Here you can see two wallets. They are:
  • SPW Staking: contains the total SPW you own from Buy Offer, Staking V1 through Deposit
  • BNB Profit Wallet: contains the total BNB you get from Staking V2
Click [Stake]
2. Select the duration you want to staking, then click [Stake Now]
You will see detailed information about the selected staking product:
  • Time: You can click another time to see the respective estimated annualized yield (estimated APY) percentage of the product to choose the most suitable product. Please note that estimated APY is adjusted daily based on on-chain staking rewards. During the staking period, your assets will be locked on-chain, so you will not be able to withdraw or make any transactions with the allocated assets.
  • Available Balance: Shows the amount available in the SPW Staking that you can use for staking on Staking. There is a minimum amount requirement for staking. If your balance is lower than required, you will not be able to staking.
After you confirm the product, interest will be calculated from 00:00 (UTC) the next day and distributed to [BNB Profit Wallet] daily after 00:00 (UTC). Once the process is complete, the staking assets will be automatically withdrawn and returned to the SPW Staking.
After confirming the details, enter the key amount you want to stake and click [Confirm Purchase]
3. To view Staking history, go back [Staking V2], there is a history bar here
4. To withdraw BNB profit from BNB Profit Wallet, you need to convert profit in USDT to profit in BNB, and then withdraw BNB Profit to your BinanceChain Wallet.


1. About Soup Staking
Soup Staking is the process of locking SPW on PoS (Proof of Stake) for a certain period of time. This process not only contributes to the network, but also gives you staking profits.
More specifically, PoS is a consensus mechanism that selects block validators based on the number of coins they stake. The more you stake, the greater the reward value.
Soup Staking is an easy way for HOLDERS to staking and earning more SPW.

2. Why does it take a few days for my funds to return to my account after I withdraw from Staking?

Since staking is conducted on the blockchain via a smart contract, the token withdrawal time varies according to the blockchain consensus mechanism.
SoupSwap has optimized the money allocation process and shortened the withdrawal time to 1 day.
3. Why is APY (Annual Yield Percentage) subject to change dynamically?
APY is a rate predicted based on the rewards we have received previously ("Staking Reward Ratio") from the applicable asset protocol.
This rate is set by the applicable blockchain protocol and not controlled, influenced, or determined by Soup Staking, and it is subject to change (thus, the APY will change dynamically).
Each blockchain will establish a base reward rate depending on many factors.
APY may be adjusted to account for the amount we retain from staking as part of the liquidity reserve, if applicable.

4. When does the interest start accruing and how long does it take to withdraw?

When you join Soup Staking, the amount required will be deducted from your wallet.
Interest will not be calculated on the registration date. Interest will start to be calculated on the following day. For example, if you sign up on Feb 1st, interest will start to be calculated on Feb 2nd and interest will be distributed every day.
Users can choose to withdraw money before maturity. After choosing to withdraw early, you will NOT forfeit your principal, but the interest that has been allocated during the lock-up period will be deducted from your principal amount. Furthermore, withdrawals require a certain unlocking period. It will take 1 day to unlock the token and 1 day to withdraw. Due to time zone differences, this may take a total of 48-72 hours.
Withdrawal after the product expires: when the product you subscribed to expires, your assets will be withdrawn from the chain. Withdrawals require a certain unlocking period. It will take 1 day to unlock the token and 1 day to withdraw. Due to time zone differences, this may take a total of 48-72 hours. However, you can choose between Holding or Completed.

5. When will I receive the profit from Staking?

Interest will be calculated and distributed between 07:00 and 15:00 (UTD) on the second day after the registration date.
However, the allocation may be delayed from time to time due to unfavorable network conditions.

6. What is the subscription limit?

Different staking products have different subscription durations and limits. The subscription limit will correspond to the maximum number of tokens that each user can register.
Soup Staking will automatically adjust limits according to market conditions and risk level.


1. What happens when I hold Staking?
We will reduce the amount of crypto you are holding in your wallet.
2. Information on interest allocation and early withdrawal
From 00:00 am (UTC) on the day after the Staking is confirmed to the end of the respective product term, the staking interest is distributed daily.
In addition, users can choose to withdraw money before maturity. After choosing to withdraw before maturity, the principal will be returned to the spot account, and the allocated interest will be deducted from the principal amount returned to the account.
Due to different world time zones, it takes 48-72 hours for users to receive tokens.
3. When can I withdraw Fixed Staking?
You can withdraw at any time. The withdrawal times shown on the website are for reference purposes only.
4. If I withdraw my staking tokens early, how will the interest be calculated?
You will not lose the principal, however, the staking rewards allocated during the lock-up period will be deducted from the principal.
5. When the market drops, is my Staking still guaranteed to receive interest?
Yes, we will guarantee profit for users.