SoupSwap Docs


With the ambition to become the leading DeFi platform, SoupSwap has built a solid long roadmap
SoupSwap Roadmap


👌 Official Launch in April, 2021
👌 Launch Soup Swap
👌 Launch Soup Staking
👌 Listing on Pancake Swap
👌 Listing on BscScan (0x604d105f2f1f68641a000f03b5dc557bfffdb8fe)
👌 Partnership with ChainPad - IDO Platform
👌 Listing on CoinMarketCap
👌 Launch Soup Staking V2
👌 Burn 25% total amount of SPW tokens (24,500,000 SPW) on Sep 5th, 2021

In Progress

♻️ Updating V2
♻️ Listing on CoinGecko (submitted, awaiting confirmation)
♻️ Launch SoupSwap Farm
♻️ Launch SoupSwap DEX


📒 Listing on Top 5 DEX
📒 Listing on Binance
📒 Burn 50% SPW amount

More to come! Stay tuned!