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Bounty Program

With the desire to reach more and more users, SoupSwap is thrilled to announce the bounty program.
SoupSwap Bounty
1. Invite Friends:
Get $10 SPW Reward
+ Follow SoupSwap Social Channels (Twitter - Facebook - Telegram - Medium - Youtube)
+ Using your referral links, invite your friends to join SoupSwap.
+ Your friend must sign up and become an investor.
2. Video Review (Topic by system):
Get $20 SPW Reward
+ Record a video review, where you talk about SoupSwap.
+ The video should show your face.
+ Video must be at least HD 720p quality (1280x720).
+ The minimum video length is 180 seconds.
+ Upload the video to Youtube.
+ Leave the link to the SoupSwap website in the description.
+ Post a video review on a Reviews page.
3. Blog Bounty:
Get $50 SPW Reward
Write an article in your blog in your own language. Take this carefully and follow the instructions below:
+ The article should have more than 3000 characters without spaces.
+ The article should contain at least 2 links to the website:
+ The article should be unique and interesting for the reader.
+ The article should contain screenshots of
The article is evaluated based on its size, creativity and the size of the audience of the blog.
Plagiarism, including translation of articles from other users into another language, is PROHIBITED
4. Webinar Bounty (Zoom Meeting):
Get $50 SPW Reward
Conduct a webinar and receive a reward. In order for us to consider your webinar, it is important to fulfill the following conditions:
+ The topic of the webinar or zoom should be “Discuss With SoupSwap”.
+ The webinar should last at least 20 minutes.
+ You must have at least 50 viewers.
5. Conference Bounty:
Get $1000 SPW Reward
+ Organize a conference in your city dedicated to SoupSwap.
+ Invite at least 50 people to the conference.
+ Talk about what it's like to work with SoupSwap
+ Make a photo/video report about the conference.
+ Before the conference, please contact the support team. They will help you by providing all the necessary materials.